Cavitational Therapy


Treatment time:

Areas that can be treated:
Any part of the body that stores fat can be treated

Most common:
Love handles, back and lower abdomen


Fat Reduction +Cellulite reduction, best for targeting small
areas of fat and for clients that are within 15 pounds of their goal
weight, in good health with good skin elasticity. Cavitation uses low frequency
sound waves (sound is a vibration that can travel through a liquid, solid and a
gas) Sound  waves pressurize the fat, the
fat cell structure cant with stand the pressure/vibration and disintegrates
into a liquid state and releases into the blood stream. The waste fat
cells/toxins are then transported through the lymphatic stream made up of lymph
nodes, ducts to blood stream, glands. The lymphatic system function is to
maintain fluid levels in the body. The fat cells leave the body in a natural metabolic


Optimal results: two times weekly for 4 weeks. Clients
should do a t lease 8 treatments. They will most likely notice a difference
after 3 secessions There must be at least 72 hours in between appointments to
allow the body to finish eliminating the fat.

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