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Lipo Therapy

Body sculpting with lipotherapy using Lipodissolve injections is increasingly becoming popular in the twin cities because the procedure requires little downtime, and yields excellent results.

Lipotherapy involves injecting a mixture of fat-dissolving medications, commonly known as Lipodissolve, into the subcutaneous fatty tissue with the aim of giving you a more contoured, toned appearance. LipoZap, Lipo-Dissolve, and Lipomelt are other lipotherapy products that contain the same chemicals as Lipodissolve; namely, Phosphatidylcholine and Sodium Deoxycholate, sometimes in addition to few other ingredients.

The chemicals used in lipotherapy dissolve the molecular bond between the fat cells, causing the fat to become liquid. The body’s natural waste-filtration system then flushes the fat out through urination over a period of a few weeks to a month.
Lipotherapy addresses the uneven distribution of fat rather than overall obesity. Pockets of excess fat in certain areas of the body that do not respond to exercise and dieting can be conveniently shaped with lipotherapy to give the desired contour. Therefore lipotherapy should not to be considered a substitute for diet and exercise for weight loss.

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